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  • Complete team for your projects!
    We will start your project ASAP - with complete team which is ready for work!
  • We will make your business grow!
    Our duty is to make it works and grows!
  • Make a website for your business
    Website is a face of your business in Global Network
  • Add special software to your project
    With our solutions you will control your project, manage work of specialists and have full statistics
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Meet Individ!

Individ is exciting business process outsourcing company which is ready to start your project ASAP - right after your inquiry! Let's business now!?

Located in the heart of the Philippines - Bohol island - where people wont and likes to work and have excellent knowledge and experience to work with English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German and French speaking clients, we made the best team who are ready to make your business grow!

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Some our services:

Software development
Special software for any business which has more tasks and specify than excisting. CRM, CMS, ERP, time-management, digital sign and any other. Inquire now!

Website development
In 21 centure precence of any business in Internet is the one of main and important things. Websites bringing clients to a company everyday! And we know how to make it perfect!

Call center
Our team is ready for inbound, outbound voice calls, text chat, ticketing and emails, sales, customer and technical support.

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Tech support


  • Software development
  • Website development
  • Call center services
  • Systems administration
  • Servers administration
  • Project management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Recruitment services


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  • Address: Talibon, Bohol, Philippines

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